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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Neale and Judith Clark

Neale And Judith Clark Neale's taken photos for as long as he can remember and can't imagine not being photographer. He was already processing his own film and shooting with an SLR in primary school! We met at University and discovered a shared passion for travel and artwork. We've since travelled the world shooting together but the travel has always been completely linked to photography and somehow very little compares to the magic of capturing a new location in the perfect light. We hope that these images capture the feeling that we had when we saw the light and really portray the atmoshere of the locations. They've been used all over the planet to illustrate books, magazines, travel brochures, calenders and websites. Maybe they would look good on your wall! We hope that you enjoy them.

On a technical level they are now all captured using Professional DSLR's with the best quality lenses (yes, the film days are long gone..) We don't think you'll be disappointed with the quality even if you order the largest size prints. We always limit the largest size that can be ordered for each image to match the resolution of the camera sensor that was used to capture it, so any size you order will look great even when viewed closely.

If you want to license our images commercially then you can do this via which has a much larger collection of images designed for stock use. If it's a particular image that you see on this site that requires a commercial license, just type the image reference number (at the end of the description) into the alamy search bar.

All images Copyright 2003-2019 Neale and Judith Clark

OTHER USEFUL LINKS This is probably the biggest stock library in the UK with over 185 Million images. We have about 17000 images on the site and this link takes you straight to them. Another UK specialist travel library which has our images. This link takes you straight to our images. This is a great service for reducing SPAM to your inbox if you control your own MX record, It's essentially free if you place a link on your website. Probably the best place on the web for camera and lens reviews despite a lot of advertising.